Guest Information

Welcome to Wing Point Golf & CC. On behalf of your sponsoring Member, we are delighted to have you as a Guest.  To make your visit more enjoyable, we have some helpful information

Dress Code 

  • Golf polo shirts with a collar or mock turtle neck style shirts, all in good taste, are acceptable
  • Only golf slacks, bermuda length walking shorts, or rain pants are allowed on the golf course (March 1st – November 14th)
  • Denim is NOT allowed on the golf course during the golfing season (March 1st - November 14th)
  • Denim (in good taste) is allowed in the clubhouse
  • Hats or Visors shall be worn in proper, bill-forward manner and NOT allowed in indoor dining areas
  • All golf shoes must have soft spikes – No metal spikes
  • Athletic style pants or cargo shorts/pants are not allowed
  • Yoga type pants must be accompanied by cover up - skirt, short, or otherwise
  • Sandals are acceptable footwear- no flip flops please.


  • All Guests must be registered at Golf Shop or Dining Room upon entering club property

Mobile Devices

Wing Point Golf & Country Club intends to promote the enjoyment of golf and social activity in an environment free from the interruptions of cellular technology.

In keeping with the congenial personality of the Club, we understand the need for certain individuals to be accessible while at the Club. For this reason, cell phones are allowed on Club grounds under the following stipulations:

  • Cell phones and other devices should be set on a non-audible mode and should not ring on Club property.
  • Limit use of cellular phones to texting and emailing only. Listening to voice messages and outgoing calls should only be made in a discreet manner and in remote areas, so that others are not affected. 
  • When accepting a call in designated areas, please keep your conversations muted so other members and guests are not disrupted by your call. 
  • Texting and internet is permitted throughout the Club, providing others are not affected.


No smoking is allowed in or around the clubhouse, outdoor food and beverage seating areas, pool, tennis court area, putting green, parking lot, or any club bathrooms. Policy will be strictly enforced.

Cell Phone and Electronics

Cell phones usage for emailing or texting is permitted in the indoor member dining area to include the members lounge and dining room.  Please keep ringtones silent and keep phone on ‘vibrate’ and be courteous to fellow members and guests. Phone conversations are to be had outside or designated areas of clubhouse including conference room or locker room areas.

Laptops, tablets, as well as headsets for business or personal use is NOT acceptable in the clubhouse and dining areas during business hours. Please limit all use of laptops and tablets to the downstairs conference room or locker room areas